What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress is the most prominent substance administration programming (CMS) on the planet. 28% of the best one-million locales online utilize WordPress, and in light of current circumstances. WordPress is adaptable, versatile, extendable, and easy to understand. You can utilize it run everything from a blog to a web based business store to a group website, finish with gatherings and private informing.

With the utilization of more than 50 thousand expansions (called modules) and a huge number of topics to help plan your site, WordPress can be essentially anything. It’s even awesome for SEO and all you have to utilize it is a facilitating plan on a webhost, as TopologyHost.

wordpress hosting
Now you can the best wordpress hosting at very nominal prices from TopologyHost.com

Where can I host my WordPress site?

As a result ofit’s straightforwardness, about any webhost can run WordPress. At its heart, WordPress facilitating is any webserver in the world.

WordPress just needs PHP (a programing dialect) and MySQL (database programming). Facilitating organizations like TopologyHost manufacture our servers to run programming like WordPress. Once your site is up and on the web, you can get to it from anyplace in the world.

Will WordPress be updated automatically?

Yes, WordPress core updates will be enabled by default.

Features of WordPress Hosting :-

  • Better Speed
  • Support
  • Upgrade and Maintenance
  • Handle More Visitors
  • Value-Added Tools

About Security

Our security experts constantly monitor for WordPress related vulnerabilities and proactively protect our users when needed. We also update WordPress and its plugins automatically, and make daily backups of your hosting account.

What is WordPress hosting?

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